This complete legend of a man joined us on the legacy programme in 2013 that followed our Scottish Summit. This programme was paid for and driven by the existing Scottish Community. 12 Scottish entrepreneurs supported by another 10 of the international community designed the programme as a mechanism for taking their success and using it to help build the sucess of others. Over 4 weekends and 12 months Andrew and 15 other high potential young British entrepreneurs were supported by a game changing peer group to grow their businesses. The momentum generated by this programme changed everything for POY and Andrew has quickly become the poster boy of this success.

At the time Andrew joined us he had two staff and a dream of building one of Scotland’s leading full service marketing agencies. 16 moths later it is fair to say he is already there. Andrew has picked up just about every award there is for building a high quality, high growth, high impact business. He has at least 2 Joint ventures with International members of the community with his work and is now a partner in building new businesses in both India and Lithuania. To top this off he is actually quite a nice guy and if you ever catch up with him at an event the chances are he will probably be discussing the people who work for him. This guy is obsessed with people and this is probably a key reason why he is doing so well. That and maybe the fact that he is a bit of a legend. We like to think that the support of the network has probably made a bit of a difference as well, but for that you would have to ask him 🙂


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